Reopening Business Premises and Operating Safely Post Lockdown

As expectations of a gradual easing of lockdown measures grow, attention is turning to reopening business premises safely.

Measures required will depend on your specific business operations but plan ahead.

Thought should be given to a detailed check of the premises for any obvious damage to the integrity of the buildings themselves. Repairs can be scheduled. These checks should extend to fire and security systems. Consideration must then be given to utilities. Legionella is a risk following lockdown so follow guidance to ensure the water supply is safe.

The need to plan for social distancing and safe infection control measures for staff is an obvious one and completely new working practices may need to be devised with training required. PPE will need to be stocked.

Attention will need to paid to the safety of visitors. Retail spaces will be redefining the number of customers that can follow 2-metre social distancing within the store taking into account total floor space as well as likely pinch points and busy areas. Limiting the number of customers at any one time, one way systems etc.

Plant and machinery may not have been running for some time so consideration must be given to testing for safe running of equipment and any remedial work put in place.

Whatever sector you operate in, there is a wealth of support available. Importantly, keep your insurance company up to date and utilise any support measures such as checklists.

Follow this link to view a very useful Loss Prevention Standard document prepared by one of our insurer partners Aviva 

Welsh Government provide some essential Covid-19 rules guidance documents. Those specifically relating to the retail sector can be accessed here 

We will be happy to provide more specific support to you and your business. Please make contact through one of our offices most convenient to you.


(This article in part was printed by Swansea Bay Magazine,  April edition )



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