How can Business Interruption Insurance help my business recover after an insurance event? – video

September 23, 2021By Paul GardnerFAQs, Latest News No Comments

Business Interruption Insurance is an essential component for any business – it ensures continuity and consistency during a potential crisis, giving peace of mind for business owners. It is often underestimated how long it will take to reinstate the business and reach a pre-loss financial position. Cover is usually provided for 12, 24, or 36 … Read More

How can you protect Directors and Officers against allegations of wrongful acts? – video

July 30, 2021By Paul GardnerFAQs, Latest News No Comments

Covid has led to Directors having to make important business decisions in unprecedented circumstances and allegations of wrongful acts are rising – making Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance all the more pertinent. Claims can be made against your business or key personnel within your company and you need to be protected. Wrongful acts include omissions, errors, … Read More

Why are insurance premiums increasing? – video

June 15, 2021By Paul GardnerFAQs, Latest News No Comments

Are your insurance costs rising? Across all industries, premiums are increasing to cover the fallout from what’s been described “a perfect storm” of events. Senior Account Executive Julie Heatley-Thomas explains why that’s happened – and how to get the best deal possible using an insurance broker. From the storms of 2020 to the lasting effects … Read More